Oct 2020 BCE Cycling Club Report



This was a fun one! Pretty tough by most standards, but the challenge is what makes it fun, right?


The Route



Distance: 72km
Time: 4:15
Difficulty: Moderately hard


The key point to the map above is the elevation:



As you can see, there’s a sharp rise at the end of the ride. Very fun!


Anyway, we started the day at BCE at 9pm with half of our members, the other half to be picked up at the Hirai Bento near Handsman on Hamasen. Those guys had a slightly shorter ride, but I guess that’s OK.


The ride down to Tomochi isn’t very exciting, as Hamasen and then Kosa tend to have a lot of traffic. Once we got down to Misato though there were fewer cars and it was a bit more relaxing. Luckily for us, the temperature was just a bit chilly and sunny so it was perfect for working out.


Once we got up to Tomochi we hopped off the main road and rode through the downtown on the way up the mountain. There aren’t many people in Tomochi, even on a Saturday, so that was very peaceful as well.


Finally we got back to the main road for the hard climb to the top. It took a bit of time to make the slow grind to the top, but once there we could enjoy our time at Yamame Chaya, which is run by my old friend Mr. Akahoshi. I highly recommend it to anyone who is interested.






After that, we sped back down the mountain and had a fairly easy ride home, stopping at the Makado Bridge on the way back, which was a surprisingly nice spot.



Great weather, great ride, and great food! Thanks everyone!