Sept 2020 BCE Cycling Club Ride Report


At the end of September, we met up for a longer, but less difficult ride up to Yamaga following the Yuuka Family Road. Funny story, Yuuka means Kumamoto – Yamaga, as the kanji from kuma and ga are combined to make Yuuka, though the signs for the road are all written in hiragana.




The Route



Distance: 68km
Time: 3:30
Difficulty: Easy


I thought the ride might take a bit longer than it did so we met at 8am. We ended up making better pace than I anticipated, so we actually got to Yamaga a bit too early to eat lunch. That was okay because we could head to the foot bath and relax for a bit without doing anything.



After the foot bath we searched for restaurants that opened early for lunch and found only a few. We still had some time to kill so we stopped by a local coffee shop for some coffee and pie before making our way to a local pizza shop. Luckily, the pizza shop we ended up going to was pretty good, so that worked out.



Having relaxed for a bit and eaten a lot of unhealthy food, we headed back. The route back was the same as the way out, so not super exciting, but it was a nice relaxing ride.



Thanks again everybody!